table de jardin
table de jardin
table de jardin
table de jardin
chaise de jardin aluminium
Collection MARUMI

Marumi Ceramic custom table

Dining tables

To adapt to all your spaces, Marumi tables are also available with custom ceramic tops.

The structure of the tables are made of powder-coated aluminium. The top is made of 2cm thick Dekton® ceramic.

Each item has adjustable pads.

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Technical informations :

  • Dimension (cm) : 80x80-100-120-...-240x75
Fine Textured Lacquers (FT)
  • FT01 Quartz
  • FT03 Steel grey
  • FT04 Amber
  • FT06 Oxide
  • FT08 Satin black
  • FT12 Chocolate
  • FT15 Rust
  • FT21 Pearly White
  • FT31 moonstone
  • FT39 Buttercup
  • FT40 Orange
  • FT41 Ultramarine
  • FT42 Chameleon grey
  • FT43 Sand
  • FT44 Green black
  • FT46 Cobalt blue
  • FT47 Night blue
  • FT48 Green meadow
  • FT49 Grey black
  • FT50 Taupe
  • FT51 Umbra Grey
  • FT52 Aluminium
  • FT53 Khaki
Semi-Gloss Lacquers (SG)
  • SG03 Steel grey
  • SG08 Satin black
  • SG12 Chocolate
  • SG21 Pearly White
  • SG31 Moonstone
  • SG39 Buttercup
  • SG40 Orange
  • SG41 Ultramarine
  • SG42 Chameleon Grey
  • SG43 Sand
  • SG44 Green black
  • SG46 Cobalt Blue
  • SG47 Night blue
  • SG48 Green meadow
  • SG49 Grey black
  • SG50 Taupe
  • SG51 Umbra Grey
  • SG52 Aluminium
  • SG53 Khaki
Marumi ceramics
  • ANB Ananda Blanco
  • MAM Matteria Muschio
  • OPR Opera
  • TLC Talc
  • TOG Totem gris
  • VNG Vint Gris natural

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