table basse de jardin
table basse de jardin
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The shelf slips in the space between 2 teak slats of your Sutra modules. It is maintained with a hook that you place in the slot underneath the aluminium belt of any module.
Design Studio 5.5

The shelf is composed of a leg in a powder-coated aluminium tube and of a round tray in powder-coated aluminium as well.
Each shelf has one adjustable pad in order to insure its stability.


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Schema 20

Technical informations :

  • Weight (Kg) : 1
  • Dimension (cm) : 34x30x66
Fine Textured Lacquers (FT)
  • FT01 Quartz
  • FT03 Steel grey
  • FT04 Amber
  • FT06 Oxide
  • FT08 Satin black
  • FT12 Chocolate
  • FT15 Rust
  • FT21 Pearly White
  • FT31 moonstone
  • FT39 Buttercup
  • FT40 Orange
  • FT41 Ultramarine
  • FT42 Chameleon grey
  • FT43 Sand
  • FT44 Green black
  • FT46 Cobalt blue
  • FT47 Night blue
  • FT48 Green meadow
  • FT49 Grey black
  • FT50 Taupe
  • FT51 Umbra Grey
  • FT52 Aluminium
  • FT53 Khaki

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