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Because tastes and projects are infinite, we make sure that everyone can make their own mark to personalize their furniture, thanks to an incredible choice of fabrics, materials, colors and finishes, bringing a breath of fresh air and inspiration to high-end furniture.


Express your individuality and create an outdoor space that reflects your style. Discover our palette of 15 timeless, soft colors, available in textured (Fine textured) or smooth (semi-gloss) versions, to personalize your furniture and give character to your exterior. With these carefully selected shades, you can create a space that truly reflects you.

Our textiles

Discover our exclusive collection of fabrics selected from the most prestigious manufacturers such as Elitis, Serge Ferrari and Citel. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the outdoors, our fabrics combine elegance and performance, offering exceptional resistance to UV rays and the elements. Choose quality and durability and transform your outdoor space into a haven of comfort and style, without compromising on quality.


Solution dyed Polyolefine except B01: 100% solution dyed polypropylene.


PVC (Ultra-resistant polyester yarns) and synthetic fibers solution-dyed. (Elios® by Serge Ferrari®).

Stamskin TOP

Durable and easy to clean synthetic leather (Stamskin® by Serge Ferrari®).

Stamskin TOP CLUB

Durable and easy to clean synthetic leather (Stamskin® by Serge Ferrari®).


Solution-dyed acrylic fabric with a back coating. (DOCRIL® by CITEL®).


Ultra-resistant polyester yarns coated with 100% solution dyed PVC and synthetic fibers. (Eden® by Serge Ferrari®).


Solution-dyed acrylic fabric with a back coating.


100% coated PVC threads batch-dyed. (Batyline® by Serge Ferrari®).


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