Discover the region of Apulia

The region of Apulia is a region of Italy, located in the south-east of the country. In the heart of this beautiful region spread beaches with rocky coast between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea. In addition, there are also remarkable landscapes such as wild forest or salt pans and lakes.

History lovers will be amazed by the number of sites to visit such as castles, monasteries and churches. Traditional stone houses with conical roofs are characteristic of Apulia and have to be seen. Therefore, they are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

A timeless place, the Baraquiel luxury house

Nature and history mingle and invite everyone to explore this little paradise. Baraquiel House appears as the perfect place in order to relax. Most of all, it offers customized stays with the comfort given by this luxurious residence to the typical architecture of the region.

A unique moment with EGO Paris

One more time, EGO Paris brings the French art de vivre and sublimates the exterior of the Baraquiel house through the different collections it has at your disposal.

The PREMIERE collection, design Thomas Sauvage suggests elegance with its sun loungers and its iconic piece, the FISH whose refined lines seduce and provide maximum comfort.

In order to share a special and convivial moment, the TANDEM collection, design Thomas Sauvage incites sharing and promotes intimate exchanges and relaxation.

The Baraquiel house offers unique moments of relaxation through the KAMA collection, design Benjamin Ferriol. This collection offers a range of modular seating with many possible configurations.

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