ombrelle haut de gamme
ombrelle haut de gamme
ombrelle haut de gamme

Small batyline petal sunshade


This elegant sunshade plays lightly with the sun.
Mesh in Batyline® fabric.

Various masts available: masts with self standing base or with clamp to fix the sunshade on the sunbathing chairs of the PREMIERE or TANDEM collections.

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Schema 20

Technical informations :

  • Weight (Kg) : 3
  • Dimension (cm) : 85 x 109 x 20
  • height (cm) : x
Meshes (C)
  • C01-White
  • C04-Blue Navy
  • C06-Coffee
  • C08-Black
  • C12-Copper Black
  • C14-Chanvre
  • C22-Écru
  • C23-Orange
  • C24-Orange White
  • C25-Orange Tricolor
  • C27-Marin white
  • C28-Azur Tricolor
  • C29-Grey Perle
  • C30 Almond

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