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banc extérieur design
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Collection SUTRA

Double bench Sutra


Two seat ver sion of the low armchair, this bench of a great mobility will allow you to create spaces of conviviality in the most remote corner s of your garden. Its cushions of a great comfort are declined to the infinity in a game of mixture of forms and colors. It’s up to you to find the most beautiful harmony in the palette of our materials.

Structure of the bench is made of powder-coated aluminium. The comfort is assured by one seat and one back cushion. For an additional touch of design, you can choose among 3 different shapes for the back cushion (C, R, A).

The seat and back cushions are removable. The low armchairs are stackable.

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Technical informations :

  • Weight (Kg) : 21.2
  • Dimension (cm) : 123x76x62
  • height (cm) : 37
Fine Textured Lacquers (FT)
  • FT01 Quartz
  • FT08 Satin black
  • FT12 Chocolate
  • FT21 Pearly White
  • FT31 moonstone
  • FT42 Chameleon grey
  • FT44 Green black
  • FT47 Night blue
  • FT50 Taupe
  • FT51 Umbra Grey
  • FT54 Chestnut Brown
  • FT56 Metallic Earth
  • FT60 Seafoam
  • FT61 Reed Green
  • FT62 Pastel Yellow
Semi-Gloss Lacquers (SG)
  • SG01 Quartz
  • SG08 Satin black
  • SG12 Chocolate
  • SG21 Pearly White
  • SG31 Moonstone
  • SG42 Chameleon Grey
  • SG44 Green black
  • SG47 Night blue
  • SG50 Taupe
  • SG51 Umbra Grey
  • SG54 Chestnut Brown
  • SG56 Metallic Earth
  • SG60 Seafoam
  • SG61 Reed Green
  • SG62 Pastel Yellow
  • B01 ribbed white-beige
  • B02 Rustic white-beige
  • B03 Taupe woven
  • B04 White watermark
  • B05 Rustic white pink
  • B06 Rustic water green
  • B07 Navy blue woven
  • F01 Beige
  • F02 Forest
  • F03 Spritz
  • F04 Sky
  • F05 Lemonade
  • F06 Storm
  • F07 Medium grey
  • F08 Dark grey
  • F09 Natte vert et blanc
Vinyle (Stamskin® Top / Top club)
  • M02 Leather effect
  • M03 Vinyle crocodile
  • M04 Shark grey
  • M05 Pearl grey
  • M10 Marble
  • M11 Sand
  • M12 Yellow
  • M13 Nasturtium
  • M14 Sari
  • M15 Cactus
  • M16 Taupe
  • M17 Slate
  • M18 Black
  • M20 Taupe leather effect
  • M21 Powder
  • M22 Cedar
Waterproof (Eden - Serge Ferrari®)
  • W01 Argent or
  • W02 Gris
  • W03 Noir
  • W04 White
Elios® (Serge Ferrari®)
  • E01 Caramel
  • E02 Ladybird
  • E03 Gingham
  • E04 Jay blue
  • E05 Birch
  • E06 Dark Night

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