table de jardin
table de jardin
Collection MARUMI

Marumi Round table

Dining tables

The round table structure is made of powder-coated aluminium. The top is made of 2mm thick Dekton® ceramic.

Each item has adjustable pads.

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Technical informations :

  • Weight (Kg) : 47.6
  • Dimension (cm) : 100x75
Fine Textured Lacquers (FT)
  • FT01 Quartz
  • FT08 Satin black
  • FT12 Chocolate
  • FT21 Pearly White
  • FT31 moonstone
  • FT42 Chameleon grey
  • FT44 Green black
  • FT47 Night blue
  • FT50 Taupe
  • FT51 Umbra Grey
  • FT54 Chestnut Brown
  • FT56 Metallic Earth
  • FT60 Seafoam
  • FT61 Reed Green
  • FT62 Pastel Yellow
Semi-Gloss Lacquers (SG)
  • SG01 Quartz
  • SG08 Satin black
  • SG12 Chocolate
  • SG21 Pearly White
  • SG31 Moonstone
  • SG42 Chameleon Grey
  • SG44 Green black
  • SG47 Night blue
  • SG50 Taupe
  • SG51 Umbra Grey
  • SG54 Chestnut Brown
  • SG56 Metallic Earth
  • SG60 Seafoam
  • SG61 Reed Green
  • SG62 Pastel Yellow
Marumi ceramics
  • ANB Ananda Blanco
  • MAM Matteria Muschio
  • OPR Opera
  • TLC Talc
  • TOG Totem gris
  • VNG Vint Gris natural

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